The rotating telemetry systems make physical measurements - such as temperature, pressure, torque, stress, and displacement of rotating machines , and send the signals wirelessly to the fixed side.

  • Shaft-mounded
  • Ring Antenna Induction Power Transfer
  • Wheel-mounted Type
  • Induction Power Transfer to Test Systems

The sensor digital amplifier, C-sdAMP, has various advantages over conventional analog amplifiers: small, lightweight, low power, high precision, short lead-time, easy adjustment with PC connection, and less affected by temperature.

The small-size data logger, CCS (Condition Catcher S) can monitor the machine status in operation. It can store sensor signals from strain gauges and thermocouples over a long period of time.

New tool to boost efficiency of noise detection when servicing vehicles!
- Little Set Up : can be used as soon as you buy it.
- Simple : anyone can use it.
- Portable : you can use it anywhere.

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