[Noise Detector] NT-10A

New tool to boost efficiency of noise detection when servicing vehicles!
- Little Set Up : can be used as soon as you buy it.
- Simple : anyone can use it.
- Portable : you can use it anywhere.


The Noise Detector is powerful tool that uses a high-performance vibration sensor to determine the source of noise in vehicles. Ordinarily, identifying the cause of noise is a very time-consuming task. And diagnosing noise that occurs when the vehicle is running is especially difficult, even for the most experienced mechanic. The Noise Detector features a sophisticated vibration sensor and LED lamps that let you visualize the cause of noise, and detect its source with accuracy and speed. Compact and convenient, it is a must-have tool for mechanics in any country.


LED lamps to visualize noise levels simultaneously on 4 channels, making it easier to identify the source of noise.

  • High-performance vibration sensor capable of detecting a wide range of sounds, from
    low to high frequency.
  • Adjustable gain so you can be sure not to miss even the smallest noises.
  • Includes a 5 meter cable enabling you to diagnose the entire vehicle.
  • Dual power options: can operate off a cigarette lighter plug or 4 AA batteries.
  • Compact, lightweight, and convenient, it is easily portable and can be stored in your
    tool wagon.
  • CE marking certified.
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